BlueReceipt is a product and engineering focused eCommerce platform. We help eCommerce brands transform their existing 6 figure+ Shopify business with text message marketing. Our mission is to develop the tooling for the next generation of B2C conversations. We believe text marketing (SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp, DM's) are the best form of establishing relationships and selling proactively.

BlueReceipt is hiring expereinced engineers to grow our current 4 person engineering team towards 20+ engineers, establishing even more refined documentation and organizational strategy, and working alongside George (CEO) towards creating a culture of innovation, quality, and speed.

We are looking for someone who is fluent in all of our foundational technologies (typescript, react, graphql, node) , meticulously organized, and experienced enough to push the team to the highest standards. We are looking for engineers who lead by example and ship high-quality, reliable, and scalable code quickly with great design patterns.

Coding Challenge - 1-2hrs


(Read exactly how to complete it. You are NOT following instructions.) You are finding the weaknesses in the codebase "challenge" and what is needed towards making it 5/5

Use Notion, RoamResearch or Google Doc to complete the assessment

Like a professor looking over and finding every detail wrong that would make it perfect.

If you are strictly backend, please answer the following questions and email them to [email protected]

Copy of Back End Questions